That Paper Flower Chick Website

Hey friends! 

Happy Monday everyone! Today I worked on the finishing touches of my latest project. After a long anticipated wait, one of my long-time clients Arlene Muller, owner of That Paper Flower Chick is ready to go live with her brand NEW website! 

wood paint logo.jpg


Arlene and I have been working for a few months now on branding and designing a look for her local paper flower business. Along with a logo, she had asked me to create her a website too. After a lot of hard work and many coffee meetings in her kitchen, we finally manage to get a site up, and I think it turned out pretty phenomenal! If you're not familiar with paper flowers, I'd strongly recommend going and checking out her facebook page....or better yet her new website @That Paper Flower Chick! She has a little something for everyone, and her flowers are as unique and beautiful as all the people that purchase them!