ReJenuvate Massage Brochures

Hey everyone!

Hope your week has been going great! I just thought I'd take a moment to update you on a project I've recently finished with a new client of mine.

Jen is a new up and coming massage therapist in the Lakeland area and uses a wide variety of techniques and methods that appeal to almost anyone. Jen came to me looking to have brochures made for her business.  I had so much fun creating pamphlets for her and learning a little bit more about the massage therapy world in the process. Currently, I'm working on business cards for her business so stay tuned for that! If you want to go check her out, I'd highly recommend it!



Jen_Brochure_Test 2.jpg
Jen_Brochure_Test .jpg
Love my brochures Malorie put together for my massage business! She is very easy to work with and helped incorporate my ideas/vision perfectly!
Thank you Malorie
— Jen Boulianne

The first post.


Hey! Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to wander into my website! Since this is my first post I thought I'd take the time to explain a bit about me and what I've been up to as of late. 

Starting this blog and website I have hopes of documenting my,

  • journey

  • tips and tricks

  • expereience

for anyone who is looking to get into design or just interested in the design world. 

I come from an averagely small-town North East of Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up I lived on an acreage and was not a stranger to the great outdoors. I graduated high school in the spring of 2017 and spent the summer working a part-time job and dreaming of the days until I was able to move to the big city. Then the fall came and as I moved into my smaller than expected +30 degree, no air conditioning, one half window dorm on the 10th floor of residence I realized just what I had gotten myself into. Not to worry though I was finally on my own and could do whatever I wanted. Except I had no money. And I didn't know how to use city transit. 

Anyway, all turned out just fine and after meeting a LOT of new people and finally figuring out how to navigate the city alone I was well on my way to making a start in this new chapter in my life. 


This jump to starting my own freelancing business came after just completing my first year in my Design Studies program. This has always been a BIG dream of mine and I've been told MULTIPLE times just how hard this it is. However, I've also been told how incredibly bossy, motivated and independent of a person I am, all qualities that I've heard have their place in the business world. Next fall I plan to transfer over to the degree program that my program is offering and hopefully developing more skills in the web development/video department, although I'm mostly just dipping my toes in a bunch of different fields until I find my niche.

I believe that as a designer it's important to be well versed in many different areas of design as every project you enter into will require you to bring new skills and ideas to the table. The best part of my chosen career is that I get to meet new people that all have great (and maybe not so great) ideas that I get to help refine and be a part of. Being able to speak one on one with clients and get to know there thoughts and visions for the project is amazing because it allows me to learn about new industries and companies that I would never have had, had I chosen a career outside of design. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like what you see make sure to follow me on Instagram/Facebook for more awesome content! 

Malorie Lafond